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nVoy Broker

Are the Broker ports auto sensing and auto negotiating for speeds?
Do you know your 25GB interfaces may be unique in the industry?
How many ports does the Broker have and what are the port speeds?
Is the Broker “Not a Bypass Tap”?
Please explain all the Interface’s port speeds in the nVoy Packet Broker?
Who do you compete against and are you a lower price point?


nVoy Recorder

Can you tell me how your nVoy Packet Recorder handles time stamping?
How do you determine the amount of space on the Packet Recorder?
Is there a compression feature on the nVoy Packet Recorder?
My nVoy Recorder license expired. How do I updated my license file?
Please explain all tge Interface’s port speeds in the nVoy Packet Recorder?
Why are my larger captured packets being truncated when I download them?
Why are the “Myri” interfaces not showing in the recorder?



Does the DBL Software Contain a Generic Ethernet Driver?
How Do I Create a Version 5.X Bug Report on Linux?
How Do I Create a Version 5.X Bug Report on Windows?
Does DBLv3 Software Support Arista Timestamping?
How to Configure NTP to Use PPS Source
How Do I install DBL Version 5 Linux on a Class D Series Board?
How Do I Install DBL Version 5 Windows on a Class D Series Board?
Could You Explain the Meaning of the DBL v4 Hardware-Software Counters?
What is DBL?
DBLv5 Troubleshooting
How Can One Fix Windows Loading Myri10GE?
How Do I Determine if I Have a Valid DBL/Sniffer/MVA License?
How to Install and Uninstall the DBL RPM, MVA RPM, and Sniffer10G RPM and Load Their Drivers
How to Upgrade from Windows DBLv5 to Version 5.0.7
How to Upgrade from Linux DBLv5 to Version 5.0.7
Using Windows DBL, What Does the Error Message “Entry Point Not Found” Indicate?
What Additional Software Features/Enhancements Were Introduced in the Sniffer10G v3 and in the DBL v3 Software?
What are the Key Features and Components of the Version 5 Release of the DBL Software?
What Should I Do if I Encounter an SRAM Parity Error with Sniffer10G or DBL?
Where Can I Find the Linux DBL Myri Bug Report Script and What Do I Do if the Linux DBL Driver Cannot Find the Network Adapter?
Where Can I Find the Linux DBL/Sniffer10G Myri Bug Report Script?



What is Sniffer10G?
Does Sniffer10G Support Arista Timestamping?
How to Configure NTP to Use PPS Source
Are Example Programs Using the Sniffer10G API Available?
How Do I Run Linux Tcpdump with Sniffer10G Software?
SNF v3 Using Pcap See from Tcpdump -D
What are the Error Messages Within the Sniffer Software?
What is the Maximum Packet Rate Sniffer10G v3 and v2 Can Support?
What Market Segments are Served by Sniffer10G?
While Running in Sniffer Mode, Doing Passive Capture, Does the Device Respond to Non-multicast Traffic (For Example, IGMP)?
Where is the Sniffer10G API Documentation?
What are the Benefits of Sniffer10G Over Stock Tcpdump and Libpcap in Terms of Timestamp Accuracy, Packet Loss/Integrity, Efficiency, and Any Other Relevant Aspects?
Can I Concurrently Use the Sniffer10G API and the Sniffer10G Libpcap Interface on the Same Network Adapters?
Can Sniffer10G Aggregate or Merge Ports?
Does Sniffer Provide a DAQ (Data Acquisition) Module for Snort?
Does the Sniffer10G Software Contain a Generic Ethernet Driver?
How Can I Check the DMA Bandwidth When Running Sniffer10G?
How Can I Monitor the Fullness of the Receive Ring in Sniffer10G?
How Do I Isolate the Source of Packet Loss When Using the Sniffer10G Driver?
How Do I Measure the Packet Rate Performance of the Sniffer10G Software?
How Do I Run the snf_bridge Example Program?
How Do I Set and Check the RSS Flags with Sniffer10G?
What is the Latency of Sniffer10G v2/v3?
What RSS Hashing is Available in Sniffer10G?
Where Can I Find the Windows Sniffer10G Myri dmesg.ps1 Script?


MVA (1.3)

When Configuring MVA are there alignment requirements for the buffer size?
If the buffer size is larger than the payload does MVA attempt to fill the buffer?
What does EAGAIN mean with regards to buffering in the MVA Manual?
I am not receiving any data, it times out on the first packet. Any thoughts?
IP Configuration question on the local network interface order?



How Do I Determine the Firmware Version of my Myri10G Adapter?
What is the ESD Control of CSPi Products for RMA?
What is the Behavior of the Faceplate LEDs?
How Do I Create a Bug Report When I Have a Mac?
How Do I Clear or Remove the Software License Key from the Adapter’s Flash Memory?
Why am I Getting a Difference in my System’s Read-Write Performance?
How Do We Calculate the Windows Transmission Policy?
Can I Get the Specifications for the 10G-XFP-LR?
Can I Get the Specifications for the 10G-XFP-SR?
Do You Have a Myricom/CSPi Datasheet for the ABC Series B Adapters?
Cables for Myri-10G Network Adapters
Can I Change the Port Enumeration?
Can I Use a Two-Port Myri-10G Network Adapter as an Inline Ethernet Analyzer and Simultaneously Use the Sniffer10G API with the Sniffer10G Libpcap Interface?
Can I Use Active Optical (or “powered”) CX4 Cables With Your 10GBase-CX4 Myri-10G Network Adapters?
Do Myri-10G Network Adapters Support 1 GbE SFP Transceiver Modules?
Do Myri-10G Network Adapters Support 10GBase-LRM SFP+ Transceiver Modules?
Do Myri10gE Network Adapters Support Third-Party 10Gbcertified Transceiver Modules?
Does MVA Support Multi-Threaded Applications?
Have You Experienced Link Flapping Issues with SFP+-Based Myri-10G Adapters and Direct Attach (DAC) Cables?
How Do I Determine the Serial Number or Mac Address of CSPi Products?
How Do I Install or Remove a 10G-BASE-(SR, LR) XFP Transceiver?
How Do I Run Myri_License?
Have You Experienced Link Flapping Issues with SFP+-Based Myri-10G Adapters and Direct Attach (DAC) Cables?
How Do I Use a SYNC Adapter Without a Timecode Source?
How to Measure the Packet Rate Performance
Is It Possible to Set Up Two Ports of a 10G Myricom NIC (10G-PCIE2-8C2-2S) With 2 Difference Type of SFP+: 1xLR (Monomode) and 1xSR (Multimode)?
Is There Any Way to Read the Library Version via API?
Is Timecode-based Synchronization Subject to Network Delays and How Does the Timecode-based Synchronization Available in 10G-PCIE-8C2-2S-SYNC Adapters Compare to Other Solutions that Use PTP (Precision Time Protocol)-IEEE1588 Standard?
ISO-External Loan Equipment Procedures
My Host Failed to Boot/Post With Myri-10G Network Adapter Installed. How Do I Resolve this Issue?
Myri10GE Driver is Loaded and Cable Connected but There is No Link. Why?
The Myri-10G Network Adapter Cannot Be Seen By Ispci. How Do I Resolve This Issue?
What Causes Error Messages in the Dmesg Log Such as “Regained Communication With Time Source” and “Timecode Features Not Working” and Why Does the 10G-PCIE2-8C2-2S-SYNC Stop Working When They Occur?
Using the MVA Driver, How Do I Monitor the Status of the Link and Timesource?
What are Some of the Essential Settings to Check to Improve Performance on Linux Myri10GE/DBL/Sniffer10G?
What are the Details and Scripts of the Myri10gE Bugreport.sh?
What are the Differences Between the Generations of ARC Series Network (Myricom) Cards (8C, 8D, 8E) and What are the Key Features of the Myricom Arc?
What are the Symptoms of a Flaky GPS Connection to the Timesource Generator?
What is the Index of Regulatory Reports for Myri-10G Network Adapters and What are Their Technical Specifications?
What is the Maximum Packet Rate Myri10GE Can Support?
What is the Myricom Product Code Hardware Naming Scheme for Myri-10G Adapters?
What is the Performance Impact of VLAN Tagging with the Myri10GE Driver?
What is the Procedure to RMA a Myricom Hardware Component From a Secure Environment?
When I Try to Run “mdio rw” from the Myri-10G Network Adapter Tool Kit, I Get “No Such File or Directory.” What’s the Problem?
Which Timecode Source Generator Does CSPi Use for its Internal Testing of 10G-PCIE2-2S-SYNC Network Adapters?
With Myri10GE, Can I Use MSI-X Interrupts on Linux 2.6.18 and Earlier?
Read/Write for MacOS 10.12 is Very Slow, How Do I or How Can I Improve the Performance in These Steps?
How Do I Determine Which Version of the Firmware is Running on the Myri-10G Network Adapter?
How to Enable the 10G driver on a system with Linux, CentOS?
MacOS High Sierra installations?
Do you have a master list of tranceivers?

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