A Virtual, AI-Driven SOC Run in the Cloud

Protect Premises, Public Cloud Infrastructure and Remote Devices at a Fraction of the Cost of a Physical SOC

The ARIA CloudADR solution is a fully AI-driven, cloud-based SOC for companies that need to protect on-premises and public cloud infrastructure, yet do it much less expensively—and more effectively—than operating a traditional, physical SOC. Another advantage is out-of-the-box functionality of seven different security tools.

The ARIA ADRCloud monitors all threat surfaces to detect known and novel cyberattacks. It uses ML-based threat detection models, driven by AI, to automatically find and stop threats by their tell-tale behaviors both within the threat analytics, as well as the network data.

Without the need of an analyst only verified threats are identified and stopped. Being fully cloud-based, ARIA CloudADR can be operated anywhere by resources with little to no cybersecurity expertise. With ARIA CloudADR organizations improve the monitoring and enforcement of all security controls, policies, and procedures.

Reduce Costs

ARIA Dashboards

ARIA CloudADR Benefits


Find attacks

A Full Cloud Threat Detection and Response Solution
Enjoy all the benefits of a cloud-based security solution that is easy to deploy, manage, and use.

validated alerts

Extends to the Full Enterprise
A cloud solution that can protect the entire enterprise: public cloud, on-premises infrastructure, remote devices.

Automate Response

Empower Users
Any resource in charge of cybersecurity, even IT staff, can operate ARIA CloudADR, and on a part-time basis.

Increase SOC Effectiveness

AI and ML Intelligence
Take advantage of ML-powered threat models that evolve to detect a wide range of attacks.

Reduce Costs

Gain Complete Surface Coverage
Trust a single solution to monitor firewalls, applications, inter-VM communications, and other potential attack surfaces – all from the cloud.

Reduce Costs

Detect the Most and Most Harmful Threats
Defend against intrusions, ransomware, DDoS attacks, data exfiltrations, and so much more.


Choose the Right Solution

While ARIA CloudADR provides most of the same capabilities found in the flagship ARIA ADR offering, it can easily be upgraded to the full ARIA ADR solution if you need to monitor traffic from on-premises networks, WANs, or IoT devices.

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  • Fully cloud-based AI-SOC for automated threat detection and response
  • Entry level solution for organizations that want SOC capabilities at a reduced cost
  • Functionality of multiple cybersecurity technologies built-in to a single solution
  • ML based threat models, driven by AI, to identify all known and never seen before threat types
  • Real-time identification of attacks as they land and spread before harm is significant

Order details

Each ARIA ADR solution is highly-configurable and built to customer specification. Please consult with one of our cybersecurity experts to design the optimal solution for your environment –

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Threat Detection and Response

ARIA CloudADR Datasheet

Fully automated virtual AI-SOC for organizations who can’t afford a traditional SOC.

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Data Protection

ARIA ADR Feature Comparison

Side-by-side comparison of ARIA Cloud ADR and ARIA ADR

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Protecting IoT

ADR Overview

See how ARIA ADR finds and stops all forms of cyber attacks.

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