Enjoy Enhanced Functionality That Will Accelerate and Extend Your Application

Myricom series network adapters are designed to meet the most demanding application challenges. Whether it is low latency, loss less packet capture or simply high throughput, the adapter’s programmable architecture enable our designers to optimize performance based upon the specific application needs ensuring the optimum performance.


Myricom DBL drives down Tick-To-Trade latency at multiple points in the automated trading process, allowing your application to avoid slippage and deliver higher fill rates. It also enables precise hardware timestamps on both send and review packets.


Myricom Sniffer10G supports complete packet capture functionality by delivering loss less packet capture making an ideal choice for IDS/IPS applications. From BRO IDS, Suricata and Snort, to monitoring applications like Wireshark, Myricom’s ARC series delivers cost effective, high performance solutions.


For industrial cameras that support GigEVision, Myricom’s ARC Series C adapter provides the highest performance solution. By offloading the host, the ARC Series C enable the user’s CPU to focus on the application reducing the overall systems cost.