ARIA SDS Packet Intelligence

Network Analytics and Cybersecurity Control—in One Powerful Application

Wire-Rate Packet Operations for Advanced Network Analytics and Improved Security Controls

The ARIA Packet Intelligence (PI) application gives OEMs, service providers, and security professionals a better way to use SmartNIC technology to support two important use cases: advanced packet-level network analytics and cyber-threat detection, response, and containment.

  • Network analytics: ARIA PI provides complete visibility into all network traffic and feeds valuable analytics data to packet delivery accounting tools, quality of service systems, and SLA monitoring applications. All of this helps companies provide better service and maximize revenues tied to usage-based billing.

  • Cyber-threat detection, response, and containment: ARIA PI also feeds metadata to threat detection tools for complete visibility into all network traffic, including east-west data flows. This improves the effectiveness of existing security solutions, such as SIEMs and IDS/IPS tools, and gives security teams a better way to detect, respond, contain, and remediate even the most advanced cyber threats.

ARIA Dashboards

ARIA Packet Intelligence Benefits


network security tools

Improve Network Analytics
Feed analytics data to packet delivery tools, SLA applications, and more.

cyber security roi

Complete Network Visibility
Perform full network monitoring of all assets and application data.

automatic threat response

Automate Response
Improve investigation effectiveness and threat containment.

improve network security

Improve Security Posture
Enhance security operations with accurate and timely threat detection, investigative response, remediation and build high-speed firewalls.

reduce cyber security costs

Reduce Costs
Quick, simple deployment that is cost-effective to operate.

threat detection

Detect More Cyber Threats, Faster
Enhance existing security tools to expose and identify typically missed threats for faster incident detection and response and fewer false positives.

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Packet Intelligence Offerings


The ARIA PI application offloads packet counting and classification capabilities onto the Myricom SIA SmartNICs and can easily enforce policies such as rate limiting. In addition, ARIA PI can perform critical operations such as packet marking or tagging for packet accounting and SLA enforcement, while maintaining wire rates of up to 100Gbps.

Threat Detection
Deployed through either a network tap or span switch, or in-band, the Triage configuration can direct traffic streams to applications for counting packets, monitoring QoS SLAs, as well as threat detection toolsets, which allows for faster IR with more complete identification and verification of threats. It offers intelligent filtering capabilities to direct only the appropriate classified traffic streams to security toolsets. Such adaptive filtering allows detection tools to operate more effectively by only analyzing the most relevant threat conversation traffic.

Threat Investigative Response
The ARIA PI application classifies every packet traversing the network, allowing security teams to redirect specific traffic conversations for further analysis. They can direct copies into an IDS, or conversely, redirect the original packet stream to an IPS for a closer look before sending to their destination. In parallel, any suspicious streams can be copied and directed to packet recorders for even further analysis or recording for later forensic inspection.

ARIA PI enables the real-time, automatic execution of remediative actions on specified traffic flows including:

  • The creation, application, and enforcement of microsegmentation policies.
  • The identification and containment of threat traffic by redirection to security tools as specified by policies.
  • Leverage automated workflows automation, in tools such as SOARs, for additional investigation by redirecting threat traffic.

The ARIA PI application can assist OEM organizations in the construction of cost-effective, high-speed firewalls. When deployed on the Myricom SIA PCIe SmartNIC, the application avoids the need for upgrade or “rip and replace, as it can be easily deployed in commercial servers or OEM appliances.

  • Runs at full 10G, 25G, or up to 100Gbps wire rate without impacting network or application performance
  • Offloads packet handling to scale OEM and service provider applications
  • Deploys easily with simple API connectors to OEM and service provider applications
  • Meets a wide variety of wire-rate network service monitoring and control functions, as well as cybersecurity requirements
  • Provides visibility into all network traffic for full network monitoring of all critical assets and application data, including lateral traffic flow
  • Allows for the setting and enforcement of network policies
  • Improves the threat detection and containment effectiveness of security tools, including SIEMs, IDS/IPS, and forensic packet recorders
  • Stops network-borne threats by isolating infected devices or dropping harmful traffic

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