Protecting Commercial IoT

Easy, effective security for the connected world

Detect and Stop Threats in Commercial IoT Devices

With the rapid adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT), society is moving towards an entirely interconnected world. Businesses can harness the data generated by so many connected devices to accelerate business transformation.

However, commercial IoT devices present very real security vulnerabilities. For example, Gartner estimates that more than 25% of cyber-attacks will involve IoT by 2020. The IoT devices for medical (IoMT) and industrial controls (IIoT), including facility automation, face the highest risk as most do not allow effective on-board security.

To overcome these security vulnerabilities, they need an easy, effective, and affordable way to secure IoT devices and stop the spread of threats into the rest of their environment.

ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions Protect Commercial IoT:

  • Detects and stops IoT threats automatically

  • Deploys transparently in the network, eliminating the need for Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions

  • Never disrupts existing applications

  • Only stops potential threats—not your critical communications


Commercial IoT Solutions

The Problem

Why Is Securing IoT Devices Challenging?


Endpoints to Monitor

Increased Number of Endpoints to Monitor

More IoT devices means more endpoints, which increases the total number of attack vectors hackers can take advantage of

IoT Devices Can’t Accept EDR

Many IoT Devices Can’t Accept EDR Security Applications

Most proprietary and legacy devices can’t accept add-on security applications


Intrusion Consequences

Intrusion Consequences are Even More Serious

Compromised devices can endanger a patient’s life or data tampering could result in critical infrastructure being taken offline


The Solution

Eliminate IoT Vulnerabilities with Automated Detection and Containment


To solve this problem, CSPi developed the ARIA™ SDS Packet Intelligence application that allows IoT devices to be detected and monitored by looking through the network data as it flows from such devices.

The ARIA Packet Intelligence application classifies line-rate data in real time without impacting network or application performance. This allows for monitoring of various IoT devices in network aggregation points that are usually one step back in the wireline network. Finally, the Threat Reaper configuration of ARIA Packet Intelligence will proactively stop detected threat conversations without disabling legitimate communications from the device.


Get Complete IoT Protection, Even When EDRs Fall Short

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ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions Advances IoT Security

Protect Commercial IoT Devices without an EDR


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