MSSP Solutions

Differentiated MDR and Rapid Investigative Response

Enables MSSPs to Easily Extend Security Services Portfolio with Unique, High-Value Offerings:



Differentiated Managed Detection Response

Highly effective service to surgically stop threats without taking down the device or the critical applications.


Rapid Investigative Response

Automatically provide investigators the complete threat conversations for quick, but complete analysis.


Automated Data Breach Detection

Monitor and record critical asset conversations and automatically alert if those resources are breached – while providing complete detail of impacted records or files.


Separate Your MSSP Services from the Pack

When offering a managed or co-managed SIEM service it’s hard to convince prospects that you do it better then the next guy. We make it easy to separate yourself from the pack with a simple to explain list of differentiated service offerings.

We enable your organization to:

  • Offer highly valuable and therefore highly profitable value-add services

  • Compliments and improves existing managed SIEM, Firewall and EDR services

  • Deploy and bring these services up with zero touch techniques


MSSP Solutions

The Problem

Challenges That MSSPs Face



Access to Skilled Security Resources

Most MSSPs struggle to offer differentiated services where the value is limited by the number of smart staff they can hire.


Security Services Lack Distinction

It’s difficult to differentiate on Managed SIEM, FIrewall or EDR service from another.


Difficult to Easily Augment Existing Portfolio

What’s needed are value added services that can be easily added to base service offering or instead-of for greenfield providers


The Solution

Our ARIA SDS solution was built to offer a better more effective cyber security services approach.


  • Help detect threats quickly with more accuracy and less cost.

  • Allow threats to be stopped immediately and surgically by taking out threat conversations, not shutting down the business by taking down critical applications and devices.

  • Accelerate IR with new improved methods and capabilities augmented by automation.

  • Automatically detect and completely detail data breaches.

  • Do all of this with a services infrastructure that leverages zero touch techniques to reduce deployment and operational costs.


Bring More Value to Your Customers

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