OEM Solutions

Purpose-Built with OEMs in Mind

Standard servers and hardware appliances don’t always deliver.

Today, OEMs need the highest levels of performance, reliability, and scalability possible to remain competitive in the market. They demand solutions that can be easily integrated and safely deployed without impacting the business or degrading application performance.

In addition, any integrated technology needs to be failsafe, since any downtime equals lost revenue. Finally, getting into the market quickly gives OEMs a critical advantage to maximize profit.

Our portfolio of security solutions provide the following advantages:

  • A fully API-driven, rich set of controllable attributes for all applications

  • Easy-to-use SDKs for easy development and integration

  • A secure trust zone for credential or crypto key processing

  • A proven ability to feed threat tools the right data (and better data) to quickly scope and validate potential threats

  • A hardened processing environment to securely run Linux OS and related applications


OEM Solutions

Network Adapters

Accelerate Performance and Offload Server Load

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Enterprise-wide Network Security and Data Protection

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nVoy Security Appliances

Complete Network Visibility and Improved Security

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The Problem

Why is meeting OEMs Needs so Challenging?


Time-to-Market Pressure

Time-to-Market Pressure

Developing products in-house is timely and costly. Look to partners to reduce time to market, but off the shelf products aren’t always conducive.

Extreme Performance Requirements

Extreme Performance Requirements

Applications for security and network monitoring, plus others, are core intensive and demand solutions that will not impact performance.


Meet Reliability and Scalability Demands

Reliability and Scalability Demands

Any potential solution must not only work in the existing environment, but also be extremely reliable and not impact the business with poor performance or missing scheduling requirements.


The Solution

Improve Performance with Server Off-load and Optimized Solutions


ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions delivers powerful, proven intelligent network adapters that enable OEMs to reduce their time to market and overall risk. For example, our line of Myricom network adapters provide high-speed IO and the ability to offload critical CPU-intensive processes to free up server cores and optimize application performance.


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