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Purpose-Built with OEMs in Mind

Standard servers and hardware appliances don’t always deliver

Today, OEMs not only need the highest levels of performance, reliability, and scalability to remain competitive, but they also require reliable solutions that can meet their timelines for product lifecycle and support. In addition, they demand solutions that can be easily integrated and safely deployed without impacting the business or degrading application performance, and any integrated technology needs to be failsafe, since downtime equals lost revenue. Finally, OEMs need products and solutions that are proven to help them get into market quickly, a critical advantage to maximize profit.

Our portfolio of solutions provide the following advantages:

  • A fully API-driven, rich set of controllable attributes for all applications

  • Easy-to-use SDKs for quick development and integration

  • A secure TrustZone for credential or crypto key processing

  • A proven ability to feed threat tools the right data (and better data) to quickly scope and validate potential threats

  • A hardened processing environment to securely run Linux OS and related applications


Use-Case Applications

Myricom ARC SmartNIC – ASIC and FPGA Based

Myricom TxO

Myricom SmartNIC adapter that supports a transmit only network path to allow for the creation of a unidirectional security gateway

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Myricom ARC Series

Provides industry-leading timestamping at line rate and with zero-loss packet capture.


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Myricom SIA SmartNIC – Multi-core ARM Based

Myricom SIA

10Gb or 25Gb improves server and application performance by offloading a variety of server-intensive functions


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Myricom SIA Express

Low-power, low-profile SmartNIC optimized for network analytics and monitoring, plus network security and offloading

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Applications and Software


Secure, easy, and low-cost way to encrypt high-value data while maximizing application performance


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Automatically manages the generation and distribution of encryption keys to handle all of the lifecycle requirements for key management.

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Wire-rate packet operations for advanced network analytics and improved cyber security controls


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Packet Broker


Automated AI-SOC purpose-built to find, verify and stop the most harmful threats and without requiring a highly-trained security operations staff

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nvoy packet recorder

Myricom Sniffer 10G

Wire-rate packet capture empowering advanced network monitoring and cybersecurity applications at scale


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nvoy packet recorder

Myricom DBL

Extremely Low-Latency and Advanced Functions for driving down system-level Tick-To-Trade latency

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Acceleration software optimized for intense image processing applications


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nVoy Packet Recorder

Quick retrieval and extraction of time-stamped packet-level recordings for more effective, focused incident investigation

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nVoy Packet Broker

Enables security operations engineers to build next-generation network security or visibility solutions

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ARIA Security Appliances

Turn-key solutions for improved network visibility and cyber-security

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The Problem

Why is meeting OEMs Needs so Challenging?


Time-to-Market Pressure

Aggressive Time-to-Market and Lifecycle Requirements

OEMs look to partners to reduce time-to-market, but off-the-shelf products aren’t always conducive because they can’t meet rigorous performance demands or the product roadmap doesn’t support their lifecycle requirements.

Extreme Performance Requirements

Extreme Performance Requirements

Applications for security and network monitoring, plus others, are core intensive and demand solutions that will not impact performance.


Meet Reliability and Scalability Demands

Reliability and Scalability Demands

Any potential solution must not only work in the existing environment, but also be extremely reliable and not impact the business with poor performance or missing scheduling requirements.


The Solution

Improve Performance with Server Off-load and Optimized Solutions


Let ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions help you meet your end-users’ needs, no matter whether they require advanced security features, such as encryption or micro segmentation, zero-loss packet capture and recording, or a new way to offload core-intensive applications. OEMs can take confidence in our portfolio of software, hardware, and turnkey appliances that provides a reliable yet powerful, flexible approach to improve their security posture, ease market pressures, meet demanding technical requirements, and reduce overall business risk.


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