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ARIA SDS Platform

Unique and simple to deploy software-defined cybersecurity platform built to properly secure your network and compute infrastructure enterprise-wide.


cyber security product



Central provisioning and secure API control of ARIA network security applications and services

network security products



Lightweight network security software instances support secure deployment of a broad set of applications.

ARIA SDS Network Security Applications

Advanced network security products installed on and orchestrated by the ARIA SDS platform.


advanced threat detection and response

ARIA Cloud Advanced Detection and Response

Cloud-based, virtual AI-SOC for complete threat protection


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advanced threat detection and response

ARIA SDS Advanced Threat Detection and Response

Leverage AI and Machine Learning to Stop the Most Damaging Cyber Attacks


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packet intelligence products

ARIA SDS Packet Intelligence Application

Enhance network security capabilities by monitoring all network communications, including east-west traffic

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kms application

ARIA SDS Key Management Server Application

Provides a trusted execution environment for key-handling operations


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Provides secure key management and crypto offloading


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threat validation products

ARIA AIR Application

Provides automated threat validation and immediate notifications of data reaches


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packet capture products


Gain a complete packet capture solution for advanced network monitoring and security


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ARIA Security Deployment Options

Unique and simple to deploy software-defined cybersecurity platform built to properly secure your network and compute infrastructure enterprise-wide.

Network Security Appliances

Powerful, flexible network appliances for more effective threat detection, investigation, and response.


nVoy packet broker

nVoy Packet Broker

Reduces the scope of a security breach investigation by aggregating, filtering, and loading-balancing network traffic

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nVoy packet recorder

nVoy Packet Recorder

Record 10Gb network traffic for detailed data extraction and forensic analysis


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 network security appliances

ARIA Network Security Appliances

Integrated options for threat analytics, detection, and prevention

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Smart NICs

A comprehensive line of intelligent network adapters enables complete network traffic monitoring, 100% packet capture, and the offloading of core-intensive security functions.


 Myricom SIA SmartNICs

Myricom SIA

Intelligent server offload and acceleration for advanced network security techniques like data encryption, compression, packet capture, and classification


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Myricom SIA Express SmartNICs


Myricom SIA Express

Low-profile, dual-port 25G dual-port network adapter capable of solving today’s challenges related to power consumption, scalability, and security.

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Myricom ARC SmartNICs

Myricom ARC

High throughput, low-latency network interface, with extremely accurate timestamping at line rate and zero packet loss, for advanced network monitoring and intelligence


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