The ARC Series E-Class Network Adapters

The Myricom ARC Series E-Class Network Adapter
An Industry-leading Interface for Financial Trading and Packet Capture.


The E-Class uses an optimized combination of hardware, FPGA firmware and software libraries to deliver application specific functionality in a cost-effective package.


For Automated Financial Trading

The E-Class with DBL is financial trading’s lowest latency full function 10 GbE network adapter. in a Windows environment. Unique features for up to 4 sources per feed and extremely accurate timestamping accuracy of 1 microsecond, prepares trading systems for compliance with the rigorous reporting defined in the MiFID II regulations.

For Network Monitoring and Security

Enabled by Sniffer10G, the E-Class delivers pure packet capture functionality in a cost-effective package. By pure packet capture we mean it delivers on three critical requirements:

  1. Zero packet loss
  2. Extremely accurate timestamping
  3. Essential packet capture functions, including time-based merge, filtering and load balancing, all with strictly limited server impact.

One Hardware Platform

The hardware platform is identical for both functional areas, with DBL and Sniffer10G delivering the unique application capabilities. The large FPGA on the E-Class enables continual enhancements as market demands evolve.

Enhanced Timing Features

  • Timing synchronization: PPS and 10 MHz connections are available on the timing kit to enhance timestamp accuracy by linking to external oscillators or GPS devices
  • Support for Arista Networks DANZ timestamping: Arista switches can optionally add timestamps to packet traffic flowing through the switch, using proprietary extensions to the IP standard that Sniffer10G and DBL software can decode. This allows applications to use the time packets entered a local network rather than the time they enter the network adapter.


Bus Interface PCI Express Gen 3, 8 lanes wide
Form Factor Low-profile PCI Express x8 ships with a standard height faceplate installed and low-profile faceplate in the box. Optional timing kit has a standard height faceplate with coax connectors installed.
Electrical Power 25 watts or less for all ARC Series models
Environmental It is recommended that E-Class adapters be installed into servers that provide some air flow over the PCIe slots (very common). Use in an office or computer room environment.
Passive Copper Cable Length 7 meters with a quality, passive, copper cable. Not all passive cable specifications support this length.
Operating Systems Support for all major Linux distributions as well as Windows 2008R2 and newer.
Connections Dual or Quad SFP+ 10GbE ports


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General Operating Capabilities

Packets Per Second Every adapter optimized for ultra-low latency will bump into a maximum packet-per-second rate when the packets hit Intel’s PCIe implementation. That maximum depends on the Intel chip at the other end of the PCIe bus. Expect about 22 M PPS.
On-board clock tick precision The process associating timestamps with packets has ±5 nanoseconds of uncertainty. If you elect to synchronize with an external time source (“trim the clock”), that process has ±10 nanoseconds of uncertainty.
Timestamp Stability Timestamp stability is determined by the on-board oscillator (a Vectron VT 804 TCXO) or by an external 10 MHz clock connected via an optional timing kit.
IEEE 1588 Time stamps are captured in a manner that allows IEEE 1588 software implementations to deliver highly accurate, synchronized time.
Virtualization The E-Class adapter is compatible with all popular virtual environments, provided that users assign the adapter to a single virtual machine. The alternative, sharing an adapter, conflicts with delivering high performance.

Automated Financial Trading Capabilities

Financial Trading Firmware and Software Support The DBL combination of tightly integrated FPGA firmware and software drives down Tick-To-Trade latency at multiple points in the trading process, allowing applications to deliver higher fill rates. It moves packets into the host computer with the lowest possible latency, then sends those packets directly to specific CPU cores, bypassing the kernel entirely. It also stages TCP market orders or quotes in advance to further reduce latency.
DBL End Points Support for 32 simultaneous rings (DBL endpoints). The size of each ring is limited by the amount of host memory available. Support of up to 511 simultaneous UDP multicast groups open per Ethernet port (1022 per board).

Packet Capture Capabilities

Throughput Sniffer10G provides 100% lossless packet capture and injection for all Ethernet packet sizes. Supports the maximum possible 10G packet rate of 14.8 million packets per second.on each 10 GbE line.
Packet Capture Firmware and Software Support The Sniffer10G packet capture capabilities can be leveraged through the popular Libpcap (Linux) or WinPcap (Windows) library or directly through the Sniffer10G SNF API, which is available as a set of C programming language functions. Using a SNF-aware libpcap/WinPcap, users reference a E-Class network adapter through its Ethernet interface name and then can run existing libpcap/WinPcap-dependent applications, relying on libpcap/WinPcap’s portable interface. For more advanced usage, the SNF API can be directly targeted by user applications. In both usage cases, network access via the SNF interface to the network adapter, rather than via the standard kernel access, provides higher performance.

Regulatory Approvals, Compliance

Emissions Emissions and safety authorities do not certify board-level products. They certify complete systems with all boards installed. To minimize risk for OEM customers, CSPi uses a third-party certification organization to test its Myricom adapters installed into a generic PC. Final test reports are available to customers. We meet US, Canadian, and European emissions, Class A.
Compliance RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances)
Country of Origin USA

Other Details

Cables and transceivers Contact your Account/Sales representative for more information on cables and transceivers that are compatible with each adapter.
Warranty and add-on support One year for hardware defects and 90 days for software defects. 90 days of “getting started” telephone and email support as well as any software upgrades shipped within that window. Refer to the support page for options extending the 90-day window.

Configuration Options with DBL

Product Number Model Number Product Description
18-13010 10G-PCIE3-8E-2S+DBL Dual SFP+ ports. Full height bracket pre-installed and DBL Software
18-13014 10G-PCIE3-8EL-2S+DBL Dual SFP+ ports. Low profile bracket pre-installed and DBL Software

Configuration Options with Sniffer10G

Product Number Model Number Product Description
18-13011 10G-PCIE3-8E-2S+SNF Dual SFP+ ports. Full height bracket pre-installed and SNF Software
18-13013 10G-PCIE3-8E-4S+SNF Quad SFP+ ports. Full height bracket pre-installed and SNF Software

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