Myricom SIA

Server Offload for Processor-Taxing Applications

Accelerate encryption, compression, packet capture and classification

The Myricom Secure Intelligent Adapter, in 10Gb or 25Gb, is more than just a NIC card, it can improve server and application performance by offloading a variety of server-intensive functions, such as encryption or microsegmentation. Alternatively, it can run native applications, including third-party x86-developed applications, ported to run on its ARM cores. The Myricom SIA powerful processing power can easily handle and of the ARIA cybersecurity applications that enhance network security, perform key management, provide packet capture and classification, and offload encryption functions.

Myricom ARC Series SIA

Myricom SIA Benefits


Easy Installation

Easy Installation and Configuration
ARIA SDS offers zero-touch configuration capabilities.

Avoid Server Replacement

Avoid Server Replacement Costs
Add Myricom SIA to existing infrastructure instead of replacing the servers. Provides additional performance for security applications, such as crypto, with increased network throughput.

Increase Network Throughput

Increase Network Throughput
Achieve Performance boost for security applications, such as crypto.

Secure Encryption Keys

Secure Encryption Keys
Myricom SIA provides onboard TrustZone for the storage and serving of keys.

Compatible Products

  • 10Gb or 25Gb dual-port NIC functionality
  • PCAP and classification at full line rate without host intervention and with zero packet loss
  • Programmable multi-core ARM processor for application-specific feature support
  • 50G wire rate encryption applied on per-app, per-tenant basis by supporting independent key trees and secrets
Bus Interface PCI Express Gen 3, x8 Lanes wide
Form Factor PCI Express Full Height, 3/4 Length
Network Connectivity 2-port 25GbE, SFP+ (10GbE) / SFP28 (25GbE)
Processor 16 Cores @ 2GHz
Memory 8-32GB DDR4, 64GB Flash
Electrical Power < 70W with transceivers installed
Environmental Operating Temperature 0 to 45 °C, Airflow 200LFM (minimum)

Other Details

Warranty and add-on support One year for hardware defects and 90 days for software defects. 90 days of “getting started” telephone and email support as well as any software upgrades shipped within that window. Refer to the support page for options extending the 90-day window.

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