Applications and Use Cases

Accelerating Incident Response

CSPi solutions now deliver an innovative new approach to incident response, helping security teams complete fast, detailed investigations—to prevent data exfiltration.

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Automated Data Breach Response

Complete data breach investigations in just hours—not days, weeks, or months!—to easily comply with even the strictest data privacy regulation.

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Application Security

Make breaches irrelevant! Give security teams the tools to automate vital breach detection, verification, and notification processes, and encrypt all application data.

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Data Protection

Flexible, consistent, scalable data protection. CSPi gives a better way to apply layers of protection while still minimizing the impact on server or application performance.

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Enhanced Network Security

80% of network traffic is still unmonitored. CSPi now delivers complete visibility into the entire network, including east-west traffic, to detect network threats in real time.

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Protecting Commercial IoT

Commercial IoT devices present significant security vulnerabilities. Now security teams gain an easy, effective, and affordable way to secure IoT devices, and stop the spread of threats.

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Leading the Way to Faster Incident Response and Cybersecurity Protection

There are many choices when it comes to cybersecurity, but whatever tools or processes you do choose must work—and work effectively. Our award-winning ARIA SDS solutions work side-by-side with leading security tools – like modern SIEMs, IDS/IPS tools, or SOARs – to improve their performance by providing missing internal network visibility. When you integrate these solutions with ARIA SDS, you will greatly reduce the time to detection, investigation, and containment, while gaining powerful automated capabilities to protect against future attacks. We’re honored to have been recognized by so many prestigious organizations and use this as motivation to continue to be an industry-leading cybersecurity provider.


February 26, 2020
ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions Integrates with Juniper Networks to Stop Network-Borne Threats Earlier in the Cybersecurity Kill-Chain Process

ARIA SDS Solution Combined with Juniper’s Secure Analytics Improves Enterprise-Wide Network Visibility, Intrusion Detection and Threat Containment

February 25, 2020
ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions Integrates with Sumo Logic to Improve Cyber Intrusion Detection and Containment of Network-borne Attacks

ARIA SDS Solution Combined with Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence Platform Delivers Enhanced Enterprise-wide Network Visibility

December 9, 2019
ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions Expands Partner Network with the Addition of HIC Network Security Solutions and SYNACKTEK

ARIA™ Cybersecurity Solutions, a CSPi business (NASDAQ: CSPi), delivers an open, software-defined approach for improved cyber-attack detection and rapid incident response as well as…