The Best Approach to Threat

Detection and Response

Three Paths to Cybersecurity:

A Better Approach to Cyber-Attack Detection, Response, and Containment

We took a different path when developing our threat detection and response solutions. Unlike other providers, we start inside the network to generate complete enterprise-wide traffic visibility. This helps our solutions assist in two important ways: improve the performance of your existing security stack or deploy full AI-driven SOC capabilities within a single platform. With ARIA SDS, organizations can protect themselves from harmful hidden attacks without human intervention.

Leading the Way to Better Cybersecurity Protection and Response

There are many choices when it comes to cybersecurity, but whatever tools or processes you do choose must work—and work effectively. Our award-winning ARIA SDS solutions provide a unique, and better, way to stop cyber-attacks with new ways to monitor all internal network traffic, and by feeding the right security analytics to existing security tools to improve the detection of network-borne attacks Our ARIA Advanced Detection and Response (ADR) application uses AI to find and automatically stop attacks – without requiring any human intervention – and before any harm is done. We’re honored to have been recognized by so many prestigious organizations and use this as motivation to continue to be an industry-leading cybersecurity provider.

Solutions and Use Cases

Automated Threat Detection & Response

Quickly detect and respond to the threats that do the most Harm. Work with the SIEMs you have or our own advanced detection and response AI based solution to automatically stop cyber attacks.

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Protecting IoT

IoT devices present significant security vulnerabilities. Now security teams gain an easy, effective, and affordable way to secure IoT devices, and stop the spread of threats.

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Data Protection

Flexible, consistent, scalable data protection. ARIA SDS gives a better way to apply layers of protection while still minimizing the impact on server or application performance.

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