What Our Customers Say

“The ARIA microHSM proved to be the ideal solution for our VMware encryption needs. Since it is built
on a PCIe network adapter, it was easy to deploy in our existing environment and offers ample opportunity
for expansion. In little effort, we were able to encrypt our VMware applications, as well as data at rest.”

– Paolo Prandirini, CEO, SPE

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A Better Approach to Cyber-Attack Detection, Response, and Containment

Threat Detection ROI

We took a different path when developing our threat detection and response solutions. Unlike other providers, we monitor all the network traffic and generate analytics to enable complete enterprise-wide visibility.

This helps our solutions assist in the identification and disruption of attacks in two important ways: improve the performance of your existing security stack or deploy automated and full AI-driven SOC capabilities within a single platform. Customers in a range of industries rely on our solutions to improve their security posture—no matter their environment.

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AI-SOC Run From the Cloud or On-Premise – The Choice is Yours

Our ARIA CloudADR solution is a fully AI-automated, cloud-based virtual SOC that provides an attractive entry point for companies that need to protect both on-premises and public cloud infrastructure for pennies on the dollar compared to running a physical SOC. Any ARIA CloudADR can be upgraded to a full ARIA ADR solution with the deployment of a network-attached platform capable of detecting and stopping all types of network-borne threats and attacks involving the premises

Both solutions include the equivalent functionality of seven different security tools, all of which are replaced by more advanced ML-based threat detection models driven by AI. As a result, only confirmed threats and/or cyber-attacks are presented and stopped in minutes as they become active—all without human involvement.


Threat Detection ROI

Award-Winning Solutions: Leading the Way to a Safer, More Secure Digital World

There are many choices when it comes to cybersecurity, but whatever tools or processes you do choose must work—and work effectively.

Our award-winning ARIA SDS solutions provide a unique, better way to find and stop cyber-attacks before any harm is done. We’re honored to have been recognized by many prestigious organizations and use this as motivation to continue to be an industry-leading cybersecurity provider.


April 8, 2021
ARIA Cybersecurity Enhances MVA Feature Set to Include Support for GigE Vision 2.0

MVA-enabled Myricom SmartNIC provides a virtual frame capture for high-speed Ethernet cameras

March 24, 2021
ARIA Cybersecurity Secures Two Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

Received for Best Cybersecurity Products in Threat Detection and Response and Network Traffic Analysis

February 4, 2021
ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions Launches ARIA CloudADR Offering

A Cloud-based, virtual AI-SOC for automated threat detection and response