The next-generation cybersecurity solution for OT networks

Can your OT network guard against the unknown?


Your operational technology (OT) networks are the source of your revenue and profit. They are also increasingly connected to the outside IT world, which means they are vulnerable to a growing number of cyberattacks – from ransomware to sophisticated intrusions, many of which have never been seen before. As your OT and IT worlds converge, the risk of cyber exploits of critical application vulnerabilities that can shut down your critical OT production systems exponentially increases.

ARIA AZT PROTECT - Endpoint Protection Attack Prevention

AZT PROTECT’s AI-Directed patented approach

  • Stops all attacks immediately as they try to execute

  • Stops attacks Cloud based EDRs don’t:

    • Supply chain attacks

    • Nation state backed attacks

  • Understands known good applications, processes, etc… and blocks the rest

  • Each endpoint is fully autonomous, stops the attacks then reports:

    • No need for Cloud updates to block new attacks

  • Makes application vulnerabilities and patching near irrelevant by blocking exploits

  • No need for cybersecurity trained staff

  • Deploys and fully protects in minutes

  • Lightweight – can be rolled out on OT equipment with 20-year-old OS versions

  • Can run fully air-gapped

Current IT-centric solutions aren’t working

Both conventional antivirus and today’s second-generation endpoint detection response (EDR) solutions are problematic to deploy and run on OT endpoints – and are no longer sufficient to protect your OT networks in this new era. These tools only address “known” identified threats where a method to block them has already been developed and deployed. They are powerless to guard against unforeseen threats that exploit unknown application vulnerabilities, nor do they prevent never-seen-before (zero day) attacks on day zero.

Cybercriminals are exploiting these gaps in protection to deploy the most harmful malware/ransomware and fileless intrusion attacks against critical OT infrastructure. The emergence of AI-driven methods is further accelerating the frequency and severity of attacks, forcing security teams to be responsive rather than proactive. While current antivirus and EDR solutions can detect and prevent the known threats, it’s left to security personnel to prepare for the unexpected.

Today’s Current security framework can’t stop unknown threats effectively

Current Security Framework for OT Networks

Today’s best EDR solutions rely on outdated cloud-based techniques: discovering a new threat on a customer machine, analyzing the attack in the cloud, and then pushing out a solution. This approach captures unknown processes on your devices then sends them to unknown countries to examine your data. It can take months to come back with a solution to block exploits, which will deploy on your endpoints, despite being untested in your environment.

Introducing ARIA Zero Trust PROTECT from ARIA Cybersecurity


ARIA Zero Trust PROTECT (AZT PROTECT™) is a comprehensive AI driven defense system that protects all your OT endpoints from ALL cybersecurity threats – known and unknown.

This breakthrough patented solution represents a leap forward in the evolution of cybersecurity, surpassing anything available today. It protects your entire OT device infrastructure and critical IT applications no matter their location, safeguarding your revenue and reputation. It automatically blocks virtually all vulnerabilities from exploit at the application and OS level.

It does not matter if it’s a ransomware attack, an unknown application vulnerability, a supplier with seemingly legitimate but compromised code updates, or a sophisticated threat that has never been seen before. You are always protected.

Unlike current cloud-based endpoint protection approaches, AZT PROTECT renders vulnerabilities irrelevant – and starts doing so straight out of the box. It keeps your OT environment up and running as well as ensuring compliance with evolving insurance and regulatory requirements.

It is time to get off of the treadmill of continuous security patching while remaining one step behind the attackers. It is time to get one step ahead by rendering all vulnerabilities irrelevant.

Designed to protect the most sophisticated OT environments


AZT PROTECT addresses the unique challenges of the OT environment while effectively stopping all forms of attack. It is simple to deploy and operate, requiring no cybersecurity expertise. It works seamlessly without impacting critical application performance and is backward compatible with legacy systems.

AZT PROTECT recognizes the growing convergence of IT and OT, protecting all your critical application endpoints wherever they may reside. It provides comprehensive coverage across your entire organization, from legacy systems to manufacturing devices to critical IT backend applications.

AZT PROTECT supports all enterprises that rely on business-critical OT networks. This includes sectors such as pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, logistics, transportation, and energy and utilities.

Employee Discussion on OT Environment Security

Features and benefits


ARIA Zero Trust Icon

Provides complete protection against all forms of cyberattack, including unknown vulnerabilities and zero-day threats. Neutralizes threats in memory at runtime and on disk. Set it up one time and you are done. No daily tuning required.

Aria AZT Protect

Safeguards all endpoints across the OT network, offering maximum protection with minimal computing power and no disruption to production operations.

Aria AZT Protect

Works out-of-the-box and is up and running in minutes without the need for specialized cybersecurity expertise or training.

Aria AZT Protect

Tailormade for a range of OT environments, including fully air-gapped setups, requiring no internet connectivity during operation.

Aria AZT Protect

Can be deployed as a cost-effective outsourced service with round-the-clock monitoring via the US-based ARIA Security Operations Center (SOC).

Effective cybersecurity starts with a trusted partner

ARIA Cybersecurity has been providing its customers with peace of mind for more than 50 years. We have provided security solutions to some of the most critical organizations in the world, including the US Department of Defense and other Western intelligence agencies. Our cybersecurity experts work with you every step of the way.

AZT PROTECT is highly customizable to suit your specific requirements. To arrange a consult with one of our cybersecurity experts, please contact us at

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