ARIA SDS Applications

Secure DevOps Environments, Protect Application Data and Gain Enhanced Network Security

Advanced application data protection. Actionable intelligence on network activity

How It Works

The ARIA SDS applications are installed on and orchestrated by the ARIA SDS platform. They can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud in any compute environment, including containers, VMs and on our Myricom SIAs.

The ARIA applications are easy to set-up, requiring little effort and next to no specialized knowledge. They give application developers and InfoSec resources a simple, automated foolproof mechanism for end-to-end enterprise security.

The ARIA SDS applications fully protect and secure an organization’s high-value data, such as PII/PHI, no matter where it resides, is used, or accessed.


These applications provide advanced security capabilities including:

Enhanced Network Security:

    • Improve visibility into your network traffic, apply policies on the fly to stop undesired traffic flows or inspect them for threats.
    • ARIA Packet Intelligence applications
      • Transparently monitor East-West/North-South traffic
      • Classify network traffic and application level flows
      • Act on classified traffic flows to enforce polices at network line rate
      • Determine if flows contain threats, or are potentially leaking critical data
      • Mine Netflows and Application IDs without impacting performance

Application Defense:

    • Protect the data as its created, transmitted and stored – completes the required protection to defeat attackers both external and internal.
    • Key Management Server (KMS)
      • Serves license keys and certificates required to properly encrypt data
      • Virtualized KMS for VM, storage, HCI deployments: including vSPHERE/vSAN
      • KMIP 1.4 standard compliant – works with any compatible application
      • Deployable in minutes – fully automated, monitored and managed
      • Highly available- zero downtime configurations
      • FIPS 104-2 level 3 compliant – when deployed on the Myricom SIA

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      • High performance, small form-factor in server located HSM
      • Off-load the entire set of crypto functions from the applications, encrypting and decrypting the data as required
      • Impenetrable storage/execution of keys and crypto functions
      • 1 million operations/second allows individual PII/PHI record protection