Use Cases

Stepping Up to the World’s Most Demanding Network Applications


Today’s leading edge networking applications are pushing the limits of technology. Whether it is offloading critical core-intensive application or demand low nanosecond latency packet operations, microsecond accuracy timestamps or zero loss packet capture, you need it at full line rate – and without compromise.

Myricom Network Products

The Myricom ARC Series of network adapters meet these demands, and more, for Automated Financial Trading, Packet Capture and Video Editing. For each application area, the ARC Series uses an optimized combination of hardware, FPGA firmware and software libraries to deliver the core functionality you need, and more, in a cost-effective package.

Myricom SIA Logo

The Myricom Secure Intelligent Adapter, in 10Gb or 25Gb, is more than just a NIC card, it can improve server and application performance by offloading a variety of server-intensive functions, such as encryption or microsegmentation. Alternatively, it can run native applications, including third-party x86-developed applications, ported to run on its ARM cores.

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