Cybersecurity for SD-WAN

Modernize Wide Area Networking and Protect Critical Processes and Information

Software-defined WAN services (SD-WAN) services are vital in helping companies enable 5G backhaul, which means that all SD-WAN services require 100% uptime and protection from attacks.

Yet today’s SD-WAN appliances and applications usually don’t provide much more than ineffective distributed firewall services—at a significant cost. All of this highlights the need for a better approach, one capable increasing security, reducing costs, and providing differentiated, value-added services.

ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions’ ARIA SDS Packet Intelligence application sits transparently in the backhaul or core network. The Packet Intelligence solution monitors and classifies every packet, so the proper policies and controls can be enforced—all while generating analytics and applying packet-steering capabilities to detect threats and attacks.


  • Deliver high-value threat and attack detection coverage for SD-WAN services

  • Provide enhanced security for IoT, IIoT, VM, and container environments

  • Surgically contain threats, without taking infected devices offline

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