Myricom Network Adapters

Purpose Built for Optimal Performance

Accelerate Your Application Performance, and Offload Core-Intensive Security Features

The Myricom series of network adapters can provide the ability to improve server and application performance by offloading a variety of server-intensive functions, such as encryption or micro-segmentation. This is in addition to our track record of providing industry-leading timestamping at line rate and with zero packet loss.

Myricom Network Adapters capabilities and benefits:

  • Improve server and application performance by offloading a variety of core-intensive functions.

  • Run native applications, including third-party applications, developed for the Intel x86 processor.

  • Track operations in real-time with less effort and more accuracy, using precise hardware timestamps on both ingress and egress packets.

  • Take advantage of a flexible set of timing features to meet a range of application needs.

Members of the Myricom Series


A powerful, low-cost option for dropless packet capture, at 10GB line-rate, and low-latency transfer. Appropriate for a number of industries where network monitoring or transactions are critical, including automated financial trading, content creation, and network intelligence. The ARC C-Class provides plug-ins for many popular open-source applications, making it the most popular network adapter in open-source communities. It also works as a standard NIC for applications that do not require packet capture

Threat Analytics

For financial firms demanding high performance and reliability, the D-Class is a low-cost, fully functioning 10 GbE network adapter. With DBL, a tightly integrated combination of FPGA firmware and software, the D-Class drives down system-level tick-to-trade latency and enables advanced financial trading capabilities. Unique application-enhancing features include extremely accurate timestamping on both “receive” and “send” network packets.

Threat Triage

The E-Class uses an optimized combination of hardware, FPGA firmware, and software libraries to deliver application-specific functionality in a cost-effective package. With the E-Class, you get all the functionality of the C-Class with additional hardware offloading functionality for scaling, including parsing capabilities for tunneling protocols like GTP/GRE.


The Myricom Secure Intelligent Adapter (SIA) combines the functionality found in a next-generation high-speed network adapter with the programmability of a multi-core ARM processor to provide flexible application-specific feature support. The capabilities of this 10GB or 25GB dual-port adapter card opens new possibilities for accurate threat detection and disruption, without impacting network performance.


Use Cases


Perimeter Monitoring Isn't Sufficient

Data Protection

Our Myricom adapters play a critical role in data protection by enabling organizations to simply and cost-effectively apply layers of protection to their critical business data.

East-West Threats Go Undetected

Enhanced Network Visibility

It is now easier for security professionals to monitor network traffic in new, cost-effective ways to detect all network-borne threats at full line rate. For example, the powerful processing power found in the Myricom SIA can easily handle the deployment of the ARIA cybersecurity applications that enhance network security, perform key management, provide packet capture and classification, and offload encryption functions.

Real Threats Get Lost In The Noise

Dropless Packet Capture

Our Myricom ARC Series of 10 GbE network adapters, with Sniffer10G for zero packet loss, provide a key piece of the data protection and network visibility puzzle. They also optimize the performance of applications designed to protect and optimize your network, including surveillance, defense against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, packet inspection, firewalls, network monitoring and analysis, and test and measurement solutions.

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