ARIA SDS Advanced Detection and Response

Intelligent, purpose-built platform to stop evolving cyberthreats

Leverage AI and Machine Learning to Stop the Most Damaging Attacks.

ARIA SDS Advanced Detection and Response (ADR) is an AI-based solution that detects and automatically stops cyberattacks that will do the most harm to your organization. ARIA ADR’s machine learning-powered threat models, guided by AI, can find and stop threats in just minutes—no humans required. This is a powerful advantage over most traditional approaches that surface more noise than threats and require highly trained security operations staff.

ARIA ADR Benefits


Find attacks

Find the Attacks, Faster
Find the threats and attacks that other security tools typically miss. ARIA ADR identifies threats in real time while they are still early in the kill chain—before they can inflict significant harm.

validated alerts

Validated Alerts
ARIA ADR surfaces only validated, actionable threat alerts. ARIA ADR uses powerful AI capabilities to surface only validated, actionable threat alerts, significantly reducing noise from symptoms and anomalies.

Automate Response

Stop the Most Damaging Attacks, Automatically
ARIA ADR finds and stops ransomware, malware, intrusions, brute force attacks, compromised credentials, insider threats, APTs, exploits, exfiltrations, and DDoS attacks.

Increase SOC Effectiveness

Protect any Environment
ARIA ADR covers all of your environment – sites, , IoT devices, and Cloud. It also enforces connectivity policies.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs
With “SOC-in-a-box” functionality, ARIA ADR is a powerful, fully automated solution that is perfect for companies looking for better outcomes at a fraction of the cost of a SOC alternative.

Reduce Costs

Effective Foundation for MDR Services
ARIA ADR provides the ideal platform on which to offer cost-effective MDR services.


Stop and Contain the Most Damaging Cyber Attacks

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