nVoy Packet Recorder

100% Reliable Packet Capture for Focused Forensic Analysis

Record 10Gbit Network Traffic for Detailed Data Extraction and Focused Forensic Analysis

The nVoy Series Recorder allows for the quick retrieval and extraction of packet-level recordings from its time-stamped, searchable index. With this detailed level of data, analysts can perform an effective, focused forensic analysis – in just hours – to dramatically reduce incident investigation timeframes. They can also confidently address issues related to compliance with even the most challenging data privacy regulations.

10G Packet Recorder

nVoy Packet Recorder Benefits


Easy configuration

Easy Configuration
Set-up and manage with a simple, intuitive UI.

Regulatory Compliance

Comply with Data Privacy Regulations
Quickly answer critical compliance requirements, such as proving exact data exposure, if any.

Automate Investigative Response

Automate Investigative Response
Pair with nVoy AIR application and integrate with firewalls and IPS/IDS security tools to leverage intrusion alerts.

Perform Analysis

Forensic Analysis and Threat Mitigation
Access to continuous recording of network traffic allows investigators to “look back in time” to search for previously unidentified breaches or play back recorded information to test remediations.

Compatible Products


  • Two capture ports, each supporting 1 or 10 Gb
  • 10 Gb/s packet recording to disk, in pcap file format, with zero packet loss
  • On-the-fly indexing and compression/decompression
  • Web configuration and management
  • Packet indexes accessed through a command line or an API
  • Optional pcap re-injection into the network


Form Factor 2U Rackmount
Sustained Capture Up to 14.88 Mpps
Capture Ports 2 x 1/10G SFP/SFP+ but the combined bandwidth to disk is limited to 10Gb/Sec
Standard Storage Capacity 24 x 1.2 = 28.8TB
Hardware Dual CPU with hardware RAID and Myricom ARC Series 2-port adapter
Software 10G packet capture and recording license
Timestamp Accuracy ± 50 ns
Packet extraction Filtering Allows filtering content by IP source address, IP destination address, protocol and or application.
Management Port RJ45 modular connector supporting up to 1 Gbit Ethernet
Additional Storage Capacity Drives larger than 1.2 TB are available. Or add additional drive-only storage expansion boxes.
Configuration and Management Web Interface


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Order Details

Please see below:

Product Number Model Number Product Description
18-16025 10G-REC-24×1.2 nVoy Series 10G recorder. A disk based network traffic recording device which allows the dropless capture of network packets at a 10 gigabit line rate from a live network interface the indexes and stores them. Indexes can be searched with results written into files in PCAP format.
18-16230 NVOY-AIR BUNDLE-ENTERPRISE nVoy Recoder/Broker Bundle with AIR. Enterprise configuration consisting of 3, 10G packet recorders with nVoy AIR application software and 1,1-100G Packet Broker
18-16220 NVOY-AIR BUNDLE-MID nVoy Recoder/Broker Bundle with AIR. Mid-size configuration consisting of 1, 10G packet recorder with nVoy AIR application software and 1,1-100G Packet Broker
18-16210 NVOY-AIR BUNDLE-SMALL nVoy Recorder with AIR. Small recorder configuration consisting of 1, 10G packet recorder with nVoy AIR application software

Warranty and Support

3 years hardware, 1 year software maintenance

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