ARIA SDS Packet Intelligence App for Sumo Logic

Detect and stop the most harmful network-borne attacks earlier in the kill chain

ARIA SDS Packet Intelligence (PI) now offers out-of-the-box integration with Sumo Logic’s Continuous Intelligence platform.

This integration now gives security operations teams (SOC) a better way to find and stop the cyber-attacks that do the most harm, including ransomware, malware, advanced persistent threats, and other intrusions.

Using the PI application, any company can improve the performance of Sumo Logic and reduce the number of false positives. The solution can also be used to visualize all internal network traffic communications, and both set and enforce connectivity policies.

Key Benefits

  • Better threat detection: Detect hidden cyber-attacks as they become active in your network—in mere minutes

  • Stop threats faster: Now you can stop attacks as soon as you detect them—before harm can be done

  • Contain threats surgically: Stop attacks precisely, without taking devices or applications offline

  • Gain detailed network visibility: With complete insight into your internal network, you can accelerate incident detection and response efforts

ARIA SDS delivers powerful dashboards to improve threat detection and visibility into all network traffic.


Threat Summary Dashboard

Provides a drill down summary of critical threats and attacks as well as a view of an organization’s security posture. – i.e. Use this dashboard to:

  • Automatically detect possible internal network threats including Ransomware, Malware, APTs and Intrusions
  • Detects attacks involving IoT, including network connectivity policy violations
  • Track Security Posture
Figure 3: Kernel Bypass Stacks Optimized for Low Latency

Network Traffic Visibility

Figure 3: Kernel Bypass Stacks Optimized for Low Latency

Provides a summary and drill down views as to what is communicating within the network environment. – i.e. Use this dashboard to:

  • View Frequent “Talkers”
  • See a map of external “Talkers”
  • View Internal vs external traffic
  • Allow for drill down to device level

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