The ARIA SDS Packet Intelligence Integration with Juniper Networks Secure Analytics Platform

Detect and stop the most harmful network-borne attacks early in the kill chain

An integration between the ARIA SDS Packet Intelligence (PI) application and Juniper’s Secure Analytics (JSA) platform provides complete network visibility and accelerated incident response in order to disrupt often devastating threats including ransomware, malware, and advanced persistent threat intrusions, such as attacks involving IoT devices.

With this integration, security operations center teams can prioritize intrusion events and alerts, so they can quickly identify the most critical attacks, contain them to minimize their impact, and speed time to complete incident resolution.

Key Benefits

  • Superior threat detection: Detect hidden cyber-attacks within minutes as they become active in your network.

  • Stop threats earlier in the kill chain: Stop potential attacks as soon as they are detected—before harm is done.

  • Surgical threat containment: Improve threat containment by stopping attacks precisely without taking devices or applications offline.

  • Accelerate investigative response: Gain response into your internal network traffic to accelerate incident detection and response.

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