The ARIA SDS Packet Intelligence Integration with Cortex XSoar

Faster incident investigation with automated workflows and predefined playbooks

ARIA SDS Packet Intelligence (PI) now offers an out-of-the-box integration with Palo Alto’s Cortex XSoar solution.

This powerful integration lets security teams create automated workflows and predefined playbooks to extract forensic data related to a cybersecurity investigation. These capabilities lead to the uniform application of investigation processes and faster overall incident investigation.

The combined ARIA SDS PI and Cortex XSoar solution enables better, more comprehensive threat detection, faster investigative response, and immediate network threat containment—all without impacting network or application performance.

Key Benefits

  • Powerful playbooks: Creating powerful workflows and playbooks leads to faster, more effective incident investigations.

  • Automatic extraction of key data: This integration enables the automatic extraction of forensic data relevant to an investigation.

  • Increase visibility: Gain visibility into every packet traversing the network, closing a significant gap posed by east-west traffic.

  • Improve cybersecurity results: Improve threat detection, accelerate investigation, and contain network threats immediately–all without impacting network or application performance.

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