Enhanced Network Security

Stop East-West Threats with Effective Detection

ARIA SDS Helps You Make Smarter Security Decisions with Better Network Insights

With Forrester Research group estimating that 80% of network traffic is unmonitored sizable gaps exist in understanding what’s happening inside a network. With enhanced network security and products, security teams will now have complete network visibility, including east-west traffic, as well as automated capabilities for threat detection, disruption, and network policy enforcement. Threat detection and analytic tools are only as good as the data they ingest however using unsampled network metadata can be directed allowing them to efficiently and effectively detect network born threats in real-time. These additional network insights are available without impacting network or application performance.

With ARIA SDS enhanced network data:

  • Find and validate up to 80% more threats

  • Feed threat detection tools the right data to quickly scope and validate a network threat

  • Leverage leading SIEMs, IDS, IPS, and full-feature UEBA tools

  • Automate responses using SOAR and other detection tools

  • Perform automatic MDR as instructed by the SOC or detection tools

  • Achieve full threat detection performance at full wire rate


Enhanced Network Security Solutions:

The Problem

What is Effective Network Security So Challenging?


East-West Traffic

Most traffic is not monitored for threats…

Forrester estimates that up to 80% of traffic is not monitored for threats as it moves laterally, or “East-West”, within an organization.

East-West Undetected Threats

…so the majority of threats go undetected

With only 20% of traffic going through a firewall, it’s not surprising that many threats go undetected until the damage is done. East-West movement is where the majority of threats occur.


The Solution

Better Network Intelligence Leads to Better Network Security



ARIA SDS Immediately stops network policy violations and within minutes contains threats or data leaks.

It is now easier for security professionals to monitor their network traffic in new, cost-effective ways, detecting all network born threats at full line rate.

With ARIA SDS, your existing security tools such as SIEMs, UEBA, and IPS/IDS are fed the right data to assist in detecting and stopping threats. In addition, added intelligence performs automatic API-triggered actions necessary to stop potential threats.

ARIA SDS can also enforce security policies such as stopping threats as detected, microsgementation, compliance assurance, and data loss prevention.


With ARIA, you have the right data to detect network-born threats.


Strong Network Security Starts With the Right Data

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Make Splunk 80% More Effective at Threat Detection

Make Splunk 80% More Effective at Threat Detection

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