Application Security

Increased Breach Protection for Critical Business Applications

Go well beyond vulnerability testing with security-in-depth techniques that keep applications secure

Organizations are struggling to detect threats. With the increase in severity and volume of breaches it is clear that the standard security tools and best practices for protecting applications and data against infiltration just aren’t working. With ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions security teams will have the tools to not only automated the breach detection, verification and notification processes but more importantly encrypt the data used or produced by applications. Ultimately making breaches irrelevant.

ARIA SDS delivers the following capabilities and benefits:

  • Employs layered protection in accordance with best practices

  • Provides encryption control per application, per device, or per transaction

  • Has zero impact on critical applications—even at full wire rate

  • Protects encryption keys from malware with secure offload encryption

  • Deploys with simple plug-and-play options and automated provisioning


Automated Breach Response Products and Solutions

The Problem

Why is it so Hard to Secure Applications?


Escalating Data Breaches

Current Techniques Aren’t Working

With the increase in the volume and severity of data breaches, it is clear that the standard security tools and best practices for protecting applications aren’t working.

Security Keys

Negative Impact to Performance

Additionally, encryption functions are extremely processor taxing, which can have a negative impact on application performance.


Challenging to Encrypt All Data

All of this points to the need to encrypt at many different levels: the data within the application, the application itself, and the data applications produce


The Solution

Utilize Layered Security-in-Depth Techniques for Application and Data Protection


The ARIA SDS applications gives organizations the tools they need to apply layers of protection to their critical business applications and adhere to security-in-depth best practices.

With the ARIA PI application features including network policy enforcement can programmatically control application access and multi-type encryption without impacting server or application performance.

In addition, highly effective encryption practices do not impact server or application performance. Our KMS application scales with the ability to generate and manage thousands of unique encryption keys, in minutes, at the application and/or transaction level. This makes all critical data unreadable in the event of a breach.

Unlike other security solutions that force organizations to make a trade-off between security and server/application performance with ARIA SDS advanced security features such as encryption or KMS can be off-loaded from the server host onto a hardened intelligent adapter preserving performance.

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