Accelerating Incident Response

Real-time Network Born-Threat Validation

ARIA SDS enables faster and more effective incident response

Incident response and security teams need a better way to identify network-borne security threats and take fast action to protect their organization. ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions delivers an innovative new approach to incident response, helping teams automatically detect and contain threats, before any harm is done.

Time is not on your side – damage and potential data exfiltration can happen within hours once a data breach occurs.

Our ARIA SDS solution helps cybersecurity teams:

  • Stop all forms of cyber attacks, including ransomware, malware, DDoS, and more

  • Improve monitoring of threat surface coverage by up to 80%, including east-west traffic

  • Increase performance by feeding threat tools better data to improve network visibility

  • Halt any network policy violations immediately


Accelerating Incident Response Solutions

See How You Can Accelerate Your Incident Response

Watch how you can use ARIA SDS Packet Intelligence and a SOAR tool to accelerate threat investigative response and automate threat detection.

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The Problem

Why is Incident Response So Challenging?


Network monitoring and incident response

Network Perimeter Monitoring Isn’t Sufficient

The most dangerous cyber threats are those that land and then spread to your most critical assets. These can result from compromised credentials, insider threats, and lateral spreading after an infected device comes into your environment, all of which are missed by perimeter defenses and endpoint detection and response (EDR).

Monitoring east-west network traffic

East-West Network-borne Threats Go Undetected

Today’s security incident response tools typically receive notifications from only the firewall or the endpoints. Yet as many as 80% of cybersecurity threats traversing your network do not go through the firewall.

 Detecting real network threats

Real Network Threats Get Lost In The Noise

Worse yet, many partial visibility information events get picked up but don’t provide enough information. They become “noise” or can’t be validated as incidents. This wastes your security team’s time and distracts them from focusing on real network threats.


The Solution

Detect and Disrupt Network-Born Threats in Near Real-Time


With the ARIA SDS platform and applications , it’s far easier for security professionals to perform incident response in new, cost-effective ways. Now you can find and validate cyber threats before they become full-blown breaches.

The ARIA ADR solution is a SOC-in-a-box, providing all the capabilities of a traditional security stack in a single-platform approach. It provides automated, around-the-clock coverage and can be run anywhere with as few as a single analyst.

With ARIA PI, organizations with an in-house SOC achieve even better threat detection and response from the cyber tools they already have, including SIEMs, IDS/IPS, and more. By feeding added network intelligence to these devices, it enables security resources to perform automatic, programmatic API-triggered actions necessary to stop these threats immediately.

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Make Splunk 80% More Effective at Threat Detection

Make Splunk 80% More Effective at Threat Detection

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