Signal Processing

Open Architecture Platforms Enabling Software Reuse,
Portability and Interoperability


CSPi signal processing solutions leverage 40 years of experience and expertise in integrating the latest advances in high performance commodity processors and interconnect technologies with the best form factor and packaging. CSPi has consistently delivered high performance signal processing solutions targeted at critical defense and commercial applications. Combining innovation with proven hardware and software technologies and rugged packaging, CSPi products are known for their reliability and supportability over the life of the equipment. Our systems have been deployed worldwide supporting application specific high performance computing needs in aerospace & defense, medical imaging, oil exploration, and signal processing.

Minimize Risk and Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Systems are designed to support size, weight and power (SWaP) constrained environments. These systems also feature an open architecture that enables software reuse, portability, and interoperability to minimize both risk and cost. Customers may continuously insert new technologies that address the ever increasing performance demands of their application while still meeting development schedules and their time-to-market goals.

Optimized Signal Processing Libraries

CSPi’s open architecture software environment is based upon non-proprietary industry standard components to promote productivity and code reuse at the application layer. This includes the choice of a Linux or VxWorks operating system, tools, CSPi’s highly optimized Industry Standard Signal Processing library (ISSPL), and middleware needed to support and manage the system.

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