ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions Awarded Best Network Security Product (Boston, MA)

Boston, Mass. October 16, 2019 – ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions, a CSPi business (NASDAQ: CSPi) and a provider of cybersecurity and packet capture products, today announced that the ARIA Software-defined Security (SDS) solution was selected as a Best Network Security Management Product by CyberDefense Magazine. Cybersecurity experts have cited undetected network-borne intrusions as the cause of the most damaging breaches and data exfiltrations. This is the exact challenge that ARIA SDS was designed to address and thus, recognized for by CyberDefense Magazine – the ARIA SDS patented approach for speeding up incident response, making it possible to identify and stop network-borne threats earlier in the kill chain.

“We architected the ARIA SDS solution to help SoC teams gain critical insights into all traffic flows inside their networks to enable them to quickly detect, stop and prevent cyber-attacks,” stated Gary Southwell, General Manager ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions. “Having a complete view of all network activity is even more important with the rise of IoT devices in addition as well as legacy operating systems that must remain active as neither of these can accept agents or EDRs for protection. Our customers find ARIA SDS compelling and frankly unique, not only because of its ability to close the gap in network threat visibility, but because it also improves the effectiveness of security tools, like SIEMs, to find missed threats and make them more cost-effective to operate while drastically speeding up the incident response process.”

Using the patented technology only found in the ARIA SDS solution, security operation centers (SoCs) can automate critical components of the incident response and threat containment processes. For example, ARIA SDS can be driven by API scripts, or by security tools like SOARs, to stop threats at the conversation level. This surgical containment approach allows critical devices to remain online, even if compromised, until back-ups can be safely deployed. These threats can then be permanently, and programmatically, prevented from reoccurring using network-based micro-segmentation, which can be deployed and enforced via the ARIA SDS Orchestrator. Not only can ARIA SDS be deployed transparently within any network, including on-premises and cloud deployments, but it is also highly available for continuous protection.


About ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions

ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions recognizes that better, stronger, more effective cybersecurity starts with a smarter approach. Our solutions provide new ways to monitor all internal network traffic, while capturing and feeding the right data to existing security tools to improve threat detection and surgically disrupt intrusions. Customers in a range of industries rely on our solutions each and every day to accelerate incident response, automate breach detection, and protect their most critical assets and applications. With a proven track record supporting the Department of Defense and many intelligence agencies in their war on terror, and an award-winning portfolio of security solutions, ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions is committed to leading the way in cybersecurity success. Learn more at


About CSPi:

CSPi (NASDAQ: CSPI) operates two divisions, each with unique expertise in designing and implementing technology solutions to help their customers use technology as a means to success. The High Performance Product division, including ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions, originated from supporting initiatives for the Department of Defense and Western intelligence agencies related to network monitoring, data protection, and intelligence initiatives. This focused mindset now results in foolproof data protection, enterprise-wide. Our ARIA Software Defined Security suite provides enhanced network security, as well as accelerated incident response capabilities, while our nVoy Series appliances provide automated breach identification and notification, enabled by the 10G dropless packet capture inherent in our Myricom intelligent adapters. CSPi’s Technology Solutions division helps clients achieve their business goals and accelerate time to market through innovative IT solutions and professional services by partnering with best-in-class technology providers. For organizations that want the benefits of an IT department without the cost, we offer a robust catalog of Managed IT Services providing 24×365 proactive support. Our team of engineers have expertise across major industries supporting five key technology areas: Advanced Security; Communication and Collaboration; Data Center; Networking; and Wireless & Mobility. For more information, please visit


About Cyber Defense Global Awards: This is Cyber Defense Magazine’s seventh year of honoring InfoSec innovators from around the globe. Our submission requirements are for any startup, early stage, later stage or public companies in the INFORMATION SECURITY (INFOSEC) space who believe they have a unique and compelling value proposition for their product or service. In this program, we are particularly interested in highlighting cybersecurity companies who have a presence outside of the USA and/or a more global focus. Learn more at


About Cyber Defense Magazine

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