ARIA Cybersecurity Enhances MVA Feature Set to Include Support for GigE Vision 2.0 (Boston, MA)

Boston, MA – April 08, 2021 — ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions, a CSPi business (NASDAQ: CSPi) that delivers a software-defined approach for improved cyber-attack incident response, today announced that it has released Machine Vision Acceleration (MVA) 2.0 software with compatibility for the GigE Vision 2.1 standard. The rich feature set in MVA 2.0 is optimized for image-intense applications found in industrial imaging equipment, military prime contractors and content creation.

Companies using Machine Vision will find MVA paired with an ARIA Cybersecurity’s Myricom SmartNIC to be a cost-effective, zero-loss solution for full 10 GbE wire-rate for GigE-Vision-enabled devices. The MVA software consumes negligible processing power of a single host CPU core when receiving 2 MB frames at 10GbE line rate. A single MVA-equipped server can support up to eight 10GigE Vision cameras or up to sixty-four 1GigE Vision cameras.

A key benefit of the solution is the use of GigE Vision Streaming Protocol (GVSP). The MVA software supports both GVSP version 1.2 or 2.1, and therefore is able to generate interrupts to wake up the receiving host application at exactly the right time – when the frame is available in the user buffer.

MVA 2.0-enabled Myricom SmartNICs are available now and can be ordered by contacting:

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ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions, a business of CSPi Inc., recognizes that better, stronger, more effective cybersecurity starts with a smarter approach. Our solutions provide new ways to monitor internal traffic while capturing and feeding the right mix of analytics to security tools like SIEMs or our ARIA ADR solution to substantially improve threat detection and surgically disrupt cyberattacks and data exfiltrations. Customers in a range of industries rely on our solutions to improve their security posture—no matter their environment. ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions include ARIA Software-Defined Security (SDS), Myricom SmartNIC network adapters, and nVoy Security appliances. With a proven track record supporting the Department of Defense and many intelligence agencies in their war on terror, and an award-winning portfolio of security solutions, ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions is committed to leading the way to ensure cybersecurity success. Learn more at

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