Stop Today’s and Tomorrow’s Cyber Attacks Without Missing a Beat

Cyberattacks Are Built to Blend In

Hackers are unleashing increasingly complex and intelligent attacks that hide and evolve within an organization’s lifeblood – its internal network (east-west) data.

Existing detection methods, like an IDS tool, can be helpful for threats with known signatures. However, novel and polymorphic malware are now the norm. Worse is an IDS inability to keep up with typical network backbones of multiple 10G lines, and cloud and service providers are already at 100G. Finally, an IDS won’t take any action against a found threat.

Stop Attacks in Real-time and Prevent Reoccurrence

Real-Time, Wire-rate Threat Solution

ARIA Cybersecurity specializes in building applications to find and stop cyberattacks in real-time. The NVIDIA® DOCA™ platform is the ideal choice to enhance our already powerful application suite, providing the ability to analyze packet data in real-time at up to 100G line rates. As a platform, it has the horsepower to generate analytics and perform actions in real-time on data flows. Another key benefit is the ability to construct flexible workflows allowing our customers to build their own. In addition, the NVIDIA BlueField2 DPU provides a series of offloads to allow deeper introspection within encrypted data, allowing ARIA Cybersecurity to offer an ever-expanding feature set for cyberattack detection and prevention.

AI is the Key for Adding Effective Cybersecurity Protection

The NVIDIA® Morpheus™ AI application cybersecurity framework provides a powerful platform to perform advanced analysis of the extensive data analytics generated by ARIA ADR and other applications. Leveraging the DOCA DPI in conjunction with the Morpheus AI library enables real-time wire-rate protections, including the ability to protect against the leakage of critical data, personal information, and CUI.

Powerful, Scalable Cyberattack Protection

Our collaboration with NVIDIA means that possibilities are almost endless in studying threat behavior and how attackers react to countermeasures deployed to thwart them. Now developers can leverage the networking and data collection offloads of the DPU plus the analytics power of AI, gaining complete data visibility to create powerful and differentiated security applications and services.

  • Overcomes the challenges of the network threat surfaces complexity and the demands to analyze volumes of threat data in real-time
  • Limits disruption of critical functions and processes in the event of an attack
  • Minimizes risk of data loss

The Solution


OEMs and other service providers can deploy these capabilities via packaged applications, while our ARIA SDS application suite provides the same capabilities for end-users. Now service providers and organizations at large can find modern polymorphic malware/ransomware, as well as the obfuscated behaviors today’s sophisticated nation-state attackers find effective.

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