CSPi Enhances Myricom nVoy Series with Automated Investigative Response Capabilities

Boston, Mass., July 19 2017 – CSPi (NASDAQ: CSPi), a provider of advanced security products and services, as well as IT technology services, today announced the addition of an Automated Investigative Response (AIR) application to the company’s Myricom® nVoy Series Packet Recorder.  Across the industry, security teams are struggling to keep up with incident alerts flagged by their firewalls or IDS. With the pairing of nVoy AIR to the nVoy Packet Recorder, CSPi enables the automation of two critical components of breach investigative response: cyber-threat verification and complete forensic data extraction. Now security incident response teams will have a powerful, quick and cost-effective means to determine the scope of a potential breach including what type of data was involved and which data records were exposed. Using the nVoy solution, investigative response analysis can be completed in as little as a few hours, instead of hundreds of hours as is the norm today.

The Myricom nVoy AIR application is compatible with all firewalls, IDS/IPS and SIEMs via their APIs.  When the nVoy AIR application receives an alert against identified critical assets, it triggers the start of an incident response investigation. Using the details in the alert, the nVoy Packet Recorder automatically generates an extract file from the recorded data, which is needed to validate and analyze if the intruder gained access to a critical asset. Incident response teams can be flagged to examine the file and create additional extracts if required to fully scope the breach.

“This new application automates the ability to verify and trigger an investigation of a data breach, as well as give incident response teams a focus on what to investigate,” said Gary Southwell, general manager, CSPi. “With the speed and reliability of the AIR application, security teams can spend their time on more productive, forensic activities by mining the extracted files packet data to understand why the breach occurred in the first place and learn how to harden systems against a future invasion.”

Given the tightening notification requirements put forth by GDPR, U.S. states laws, and other PII data-privacy regulations, this immediately available detailed data provides a complete evidentiary record of exactly what happened, to what records and when, which enables compliance within deadlines.

“Our customers need a solution like this. GDPR requires notification to the appropriate European Union country authorities within 72 hours of a breach. This will be very challenging without some form of automation that detects the breaches impacting PII and providing the detail required to be in compliance with the law,” said Alex Jeffries, CEO, STORDIS GmbH.

The Myricom nVoy Series 10Gbit Packet Recorder helps security ops engineers address such issues as data-privacy regulation compliance, data forensics and real-time threat mitigation. The nVoy Series Packet Recorder also offers a range of security benefits, including the ability to:

  • Capture 10Gbit of data, at full line rate, with no impact to application performance
  • Automatically fetch specific packet data conversations triggered by intrusion-detection alerts
  • Meet strict data privacy compliance specifications and tightening notification periods
  • Index and extract specific data conversations through an easy-to-use, web interface

To learn more about the Myricom nVoy Series and the AIR application, visit: http://www.cspi.com/nvoy-air


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